Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Feeling Shagged

I'm feeling Shagged and it's not in the nice sense of, I've had lot's of sex feeling Shagged. It's, I have run around all week, after Husband, children , Boss and I'm feeling very tired and Pissed off!
There is a mountain of washing, a basket of odd socks that are seriously irritating me and I might have to kill them, washing line of wet sheets that I keep forgetting about!

The fridge needs to be sorted, I am sure there are some things growing in there.
Bathrooms are screaming Clean me, you are Gross, Clean me you are really gross, Clean me now you smelly Wench!

The postman keeps delivering hideous Bills, which are multiplying faster then you can say ' Fuck Off ' .

My son's Kindy Teacher keep's sending home Writing homework everyday and on the weekend and I might seriously send him home with her one night so she can experience the delights of an exhausted 5 year trying to write sentences!!!

For the safety of my Husband I sent him an e-mail tonight, saying " Are you going out for dinner after work, Darling? " Because there is no dinner here, not for you, not tonight!
It also means I get to spend the evening by myself and can watch my preferred choice of Foxtel Programmes, that are the polar opposite to what he would watch. A win , win I think.
Now I have shared my crap with you, the world is a little rosier, a little lighter and I feel better.