Monday, June 28, 2010

I do Like Mondays

Monday is the beginning of a new week, and things ( things being that are not immediately urgent, such as wiping your 3 year olds bottom, yet need to be done ), will happen this week .They got the shove last week, but, I am feeling positive. The rabble has left the house. I will have time and get organised.

A little list to start with.

I will lose weight this week, the lemon slice, alcohol ,chocolate and chips I had on the weekend does not count ( calories are fat free if consumed on the weekend , especially sundays and if you ate them with friends ).
The car will get serviced this week.
I will book the Orthodontist for my daughter's completely wonky teeth this week.
I will go and have a smear test.
Spend hours doing a family budget to see where our money is going ( there is a friggin money knome in our house stealing it for sure).
Prune the hydrangea's with my 80 year old next door neighbour ( honestly it's been going on for weeks and I keep forgetting, we will have to move house soon).
Not cook the same meals ,try some new delightful recipe that will make the whole family happy.
Go for a run at least 3 times ( I was running but then we had that awful rain and I had to stop, I am like a child if I break with routine it's weeks before i'll do it again)
Spend more quality time with the children and not tell them to go away.

Just a few things to be getting on with, and I am going to blog an update next Monday and my four lovely fellow blogger followers can call me a Procrastinating Petunia if I don't do them.

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  1. So comforting to know that another mum is attempting to get through the unending list...will check in to read about your success!
    You can do it!!