Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scary Jumpers

I do love a bit of fashion, the SMH kindly showed us some delights for this winter. See Picture above. This outfit will set you back $450 for the Pearl Jumper and $890 for the padded skirt ( Camilla and Marc ) just in case you would like to purchase them .

Unless you are one of those Victoria's Secret Models, I am thinking Miranda Kerr , the Amazonian one that used to date Leo Dicaprio or Bar Raffeli who has legs up to her ears (incidently with legs like that you can get away with being called Bar ), that we all might look like we have raided Aunt Beryl's wardrobe . I know the skirt is a bit of a Chanel bag look a like too, but still for $890 I would sew it together and use it as one.

Sorry guys, but I won't be wearing a Pearly, turtleneck, shoulderpadded ,fluffy Jumper anytime soon.

1 comment:

  1. rank - I am picturing myself in that jumper and it is not good. xo