Monday, June 21, 2010

Stuck in a Rut?

I have theory about some people's Fashion Sense and and the answer is................
It is all about the Genes inherited from many generations back and who knows where they hale from. They could be from Great Aunt Helga with Nordic bloodlines, it's a Fashion Minefield . One thing is for sure though with your inherited sense of style you will be absolutely comfortable with it and change is unlikely.

Take my family for example......

My 8 year old daughter only cares for comfort ,looks are secondary, she will quite happily wear her grubby white trainers everywhere these include to parties, playdates, restaurants you name it. Forget the Silver ballet flats even though we spent 2 hours purchasing them and it was the 3rd time we had been to the shoeshop to exchange yet another pair. She obviously takes after her Father's side of the family.

My Husband thinks style is wearing an obscure music t-shirt and jeans.
My 5 year old son is showing the most promise and asks when he gets dressed if his clothes go together ,clearly he takes after my side of the family.

Then there is getting stuck in a rut where your fashion matches your house decor , we have a dear friend who is stuck in the 70's. Walking into her house is a blast from the past and her fashion attire is the same, she would have saved a small fortune by not shopping for the last 40 years!

But what are we to do, I have tried to change my Husband and I won't even go there. There have been many fights with my Daughter and I now choose my battles carefully.

I have noticed SJP might have the same problem, her husband seems a little lacking in the style department too ( I am getting scary flashbacks to my Music teacher at school who always ate Apples and burped alot) and I think she chose this outfit when she was pre-menstrual, we have all been there girlfriend!

I won't sweat the small stuff.

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  1. Hi found you at AMB:)
    What a great quote to live by!!