Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dreaming of Paris

When I was 19 , I went to Paris with a boyfriend, he was not the love of my life, and I probably should have split up with him and not gone . However Paris was too tempting, by the way I lived in England so it was no big deal to hop over the murky grey English channel, think Bridget Jones and her Mini breaks , just in case you thought I was being really horrible and taking advantage of him spending thousands of dollars from Oz to Paris to get there.
I fell in love with Paris, not my boyfriend. I loved the cafes and the cobbled streets, everyone seemed so chique. Even the check out chicks in the Supermarkets & Delis were tres chique.
Have you ever noticed how French people don't travel very much, they are too bloody happy in their own country being sophisticated. You can be in the middle of nowhere , on a remote Volcano somewhere and bet your bum, there will be an Aussie, a Kiwi, some Poms, and a smattering of Scandinavian's but no French people .
I'm Intrigued by them and all their Frenchness. There words even sound georgous , Le Voiture, Petit Chien, Oeuf and Fromage. I think I just wrote Car, small dog, Egg and cheese, doesn't have the same ring in English does it?.
Even Mr Prime Minister Sarkozy , has a bit of Man about Town too .Let's compare him with our Pollies, i'm struggling. What the hell are they going to think about Julia's God awful drone tone, I wonder. Is there a droning French equivalent I think not, I guess they will find out at the next International Summit. Ok, so I am banging on a bit but you get the idea.
Now back to me in Paris as an 19 year old and I am wearing an Orange fitted wool Blazer, with my black Kenzo top, and black pants with a pair of Shelley's Boots ( Shelley's was a fab shoe shop in Convent Garden ,London, ). I thought I was looking good, however as I ventured around Paris I became increasingly insecure as my Orange Wool Blazer was not cutting edge fashion, I felt like a huge beacon beaming on the streets of Paris. My boyfriend who was a real sweetie took me to Kookai and bought me a Pale dusty pink jacket, much better I hear you say with relief. If I was French this would never have happened, I would just be skinny and stylish from birth. Don't get me on to the skinny thing either, they consume serious amounts of Wine, Cheese , Chocolate Croissants, saddles of Beef and these women are Slinky slink slim. ( Slinky slink means you can wear slinky things ).
So during my Paris Mini break I soaked up as much Frenchness as I could, fought off advances from my boyfriend who was sweet but I just didn't fancy him, and vowed one day I would become effortlessly sophisticated too.
Did I achieve this? Well let's just say I'm a work in progress, but there have been no more Orange fitted Wool Blazers.

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  1. Jealous! I have always dreamed of Europe... didn't get around to it... and now with 2 under 2yrs... I think it will be a while :)
    But I will get there AND it will be with the love of my life in tow AND sans children! hehe