Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Merits of Being in a Lesbian Relationship

I am not a lesbian, but the thought has crossed my mind. Imagine your husband to be another woman. Ok forget the sex part for now, let's just focus on the practical side of things.

A list of potential senario's..............

1. When you leave the house by yourself and your Lesbian partner is left to look after the children, I bet when you come home, the house will not be left in a mess and there will possibly be some homemade soup for dinner.

2. The children would have been fed something half decent, not 2 minute noodles or heated sausauge rolls ( ps I recently had to be away for 2 weeks and every time I rang home, the kids were eating crap for dinner-yes, sausage rolls, he thought it might be a nice change! )

3. The washing would be a joint effort whatever the process/cycle of the washing your partner would be able to just pick up where you left off.

4. She would understand if you had a headache and would not want to have sex regardless.

5. You could go shopping together, borrow each others clothes.

6. Yes, she would be able to read your mind

7. I bet she won't piss on the toilet seat and leave skids in the toilet bowl

8. You can seriously chat about ' does my bum look big in this '

The list could go on and on, the only thing missing would be if you like a big hard dick
other than that I think things would be quite good.

Maybe i'll have a mid life crisis and bat for the otherside, an update coming soon.

Ps, I had a bad day, piss on the toilet seat and skids in the bowl.


  1. Ha ha ha. Is it wrong that I just fed my kids sausage rolls for dinner?

    And ps. in my house there are always skids in the loo and pee on the seat. Sadly the ration is 4 : 2 in my house gals to boys. But the boys still get the blame.

  2. I can see the advantages but one of the great advantages of men is they really don't notice much about anything unless its a naked woman on their doorstep or something to do with football. So with men they are very easy to please ....that's the advantage to them I think.

  3. I hear ya!! In my house the boys out number the girls 4:2!!! So the toilet is an ongoing issue! YUK!! Don't know why I got a degree in teaching should have got one in toilet cleaning....I could have earned my Masters by now!