Thursday, July 8, 2010

50 Things I would do in One day

50 Things That Happen in One School Day........................................

1. Get out of Bed
2. Have a wee maybe a fart too
3. Be bellowed at by little M as soon as he wakes up.
4. Get Breakfast ready
5. Unpack the dishwasher.
6. Fall over toys in the hallway and pick up.
7. Make a giant cup of tea, wallow in the niceness of it and try and wake up.
8. Get mumbled at by little I, she takes a while to wake up.
9. Think about starting the chaotic drama that goes with getting kids ready for school.
10. Decide on making another cup of tea and put off starting the drama of getting kids ready for school.
11. Check my e-mails
12. Check my e-bay auctions
13. Read SMH online
14. Do some internet banking, get distracted.
15. Get summoned by daughter to make lunches, and asked where's my hat.
16. Check watch, crap, panic, where did that time go.
17. Get kids dressed, have a fight with Little M, he hates his trousers, socks and shoes are not tight enough. I have my daily groundhog moment as the same thing happens every morning.
18. Make lunches, desperately search the cupboards for morning tea, chop fruit that they won't eat, wonder why I am chopping fruit they won't eat.
19. Panic again at the time , little I has a mini meltdown as she hates being late for school.
20. Jump in the shower, door flung is open several times by little I and M asking questions.
21. Jump out of shower and wonder what the hell am I going to wear.
22. Weigh myself, decide I shouldn't have eaten those biscuits the day before, as I do everyday.
23. Get Dressed, with kids hovering around me.
24. Put on my make up, can't face the world with a bare face.Look a bit less crap.
25. Pack the kids bag's.
26. Run around the house looking for missing Hat, reader, drink bottle, ( subject to change on a daily basis ).
27. Get kids in the car after a quick altercation between them and drive to school.
28. Desperately try and find a park, get annoyed at the Tupperware lady with her 4wd who always gets a a park right outside.
29. Deliver children to their classrooms sealed with a big kiss and a moment of love.
30. Avoid annoying parents who want to befriend you , look like you are in a rush.
31. Sigh of relief, peace for a few hours, become happy with the thought of silence.
32. Drive to the shops, get weekly shop.
33. Pay at the checkout and nearly fall over at the cost of groceries.
34. Drag shopping home and in the house, unpack.
35. Look at the Bombsite that has ensued inside the house, get depressed.
36. Pick up strewn clothes.
37. Do washing.
38. Fold washing.
39. Make beds.
40. Flush toilets.
41. Go the the toilet, 2 cups of tea and the bladder isn't what it used to be . Mental note must do pelvic floor exercises.
42. Sweep food off the floor.
43. Make a list of things to do.
44. Make another cup of Tea ,eat a biscuit or 2.
45. Hang out washing.
46. Quick tidy of kids rooms, get irritated at the state of affairs and have to leave kids rooms
47. Think about getting a new career
48. Check time left of peace, wonder where the day has gone.
49. Drive back to school, try and nick the Tupperware lady's park, and pick up my darlings .
50. After 30seconds major warfare happening in the back of the car between I and M on the way home, start to feel blood pressure rise, deep breaths, think thoughts about Alcohol, Darlings have turned in devils, wonder how this has happened

and it's only 2.30 and the next shift begins...................

This post was inspired by Blog This - 50 Challenge, thanks for the great idea!

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  1. Loved this!
    After much demand i have posted a starter list of words my husband gets wrng it is too much to keep to myself!
    Great to see you the other day Emma,
    Shannon xxx