Thursday, July 1, 2010

School Holidays Looming

There is a big storm on the horizon looming, it's grey , dark and getting closer. Before you know it, you will feel like you have been smacked around the head with a big wet fish. Yes, you guessed it, schools holidays are nearly upon us. School teachers are chanting and doing a rain dance at the thought of escaping their tribe for a couple of weeks. Hell, who can blame them they deserve every penny they are paid. It's now down to us Parents to take the reins again for the 6 hours a day we are departed from our Loved ones.
Don't worry Little Hugo's and Harriet's, Mum and Dad will be packing up the Volvo and heading South to the Snow, no need to fret.
If your name is not Hugo or Harriet start to fret.
I received home today with the school Newsletter some handy things to do , just in a case you need some Inspiration.

Holiday Activity Idea's

Take a child to work with Mum or Dad for a day or part of the day ( fine if you work in the zoo )
Visit the Art Gallery ( tried that kids ran around like moron's highly embarassing )
Take a drive to a Pine Forest ( where the frig is a pine forest are we in Norway? )
Visit a reservoir and see how the water levels change between Summer and Winter ( ?????? )
Have a Blinky Bill picnic-tie lunch in tea towel and carry it into the backyard on a stick ( fun for 5 minutes, and until sword fighting starts with the sticks )
Write a Story or start a novel ( Handy for my 5 year old )
Watch TV in moderation ( we don't do Moderation in our house )

Thank you school newsletter not helpful at all.
I am starting to panic now, where are those bloody leaflets advertising Soccer, Netball and Tennis camps.
So, if you don't bump into me perusing the Art Gallery, running wild in a Pine Forest, measuring water levels in a resevoir, enjoying a Blinky Bill picnic, helping my 5 year old start a novel, we''ll be watching a shit load of Tv.

Happy Holidays.


  1. I know that feeling of panic. Good ol'school holidays....gotta love ém..not!!! Will be posting some activities I plan to do with my circus of 4. You bet t.v watching will b in there somewhere.
    Have fun!