Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Divine Chanel

These boots are made for walking...............
Little Black Dress Heaven with Glorious Gold
It's So Pretty, I can't stop looking

I do love French things and Chanel has always been a fave, not that I can afford it of course. I get to drool over the pages of fashion magazines instead, and pretend to be someone else. Above is the latest Kit from Chanel who have just smooched their way down the catwalks of Paris.

The boots are divine, totally impractical of course but they are lovely and they get away with being useless because of it. I am going to wear these to the opening of an art exhibition in Paris, I'll wear them with a plain black dress.
My name is Amelie, I am interestingly beautiful , very skinny and smoke a lot. I have a boyfriend called Jean-Paul, he is not short of a bean or 2 , has a fab job and a tight arse to die for.
When Jean-Paul takes me away to a Boutique Hotel for the weekend, I will take my Little Black Gold embroidered dress with me, to wear for our romantic dinner. ( I will take off the Sun Motif in the neckline, not sure about that bit, also means more attention on my Cleavage ). I will be ravishing and Jean-paul will shag me silly afterwards.
The last outfit is so pretty, I'll wear it when I get to meet Jean-Paul's Parents, they have a huge pile down South somewhere, and If I don't there is always cushions, they would look divine made up and scattered on a Vintage Chaise in my Paris apartment.
Ok, so a bit of a diversion there, but when I look at these clothes,my imagination starts working overtime.
So bye for now Chanel, Amelie, Jean-Paul and back to the dinner and kids.
P.s Amelie doesn't want to have kids.

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