Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Fashion From Paris..............

Having a Bad Acne Day?
Anyone for a Pole Dance?
Not Happy Jan!

Thank you SMH for these pictures from the latest collection of Jean-Paul Gautier. Because of my work commitments I have had to give Paris a miss this year! ha ha. I am avidly following from my head office quarters.

I know that Jean-Paul is a fashion genius and I know the catwalk is all about creativity and a chance for them to express themselves, he in touch with what women really want?
The Green number does have some merit, with the covering of the face it might be handy if you have a great big zit on your chin. Practically speaking, going out for dinner would be tricky, unless you can press food through the fine fabric, maybe soup would be ok eaten in very small amounts forget the steak. The thing round the neck could be a fancy beer holder, not a bad idea. The colour is awful, rarely looks good on anyone.

Sexy Dita is in the next outfit, admittedly she does have a great arse, and looks amazing, and this outfit might be helpful if you happen to be a Lady of the Night ( my mum used to say that and it still makes me laugh ), Pole dancer or Lap dancer . Ok, so I am a bit conservative.

Lucky last , Foxy Loxy, she looks like a cross between Star Trek and Cruella de Ville. This is not a good look for someone with large Tit's, the Fox is too fussy and it will draw attention to that area. Maybe if the Fox is detachable , this outfit could improve as the fabric looks like thick shiny rubber and would be great for spillages, just wipe off!

Sorry Jean-Paul Exhibitionist Pants , I think you might be another planet this time.

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