Thursday, July 15, 2010

The End is Near.... Yippeeeeeeeeeeee

Yes, I am getting a smidge excited, two little earthlings who live in the same house as me are nearly going back to school. Earthling 1 and Earthling 2 are also excited about the fact of getting away from their delightful Mother too. It's a win, Win Situation on both sides.

The past 2 Weeks I have lived through:

1 and a Half Sleepovers at our house ( half because one was abandoned mid way through)
6 Play Dates at our house
12 un arranged Play dates at our House, neighbours kids running in and out of the house everyday
1 trip to the Movies-Toy Story 3 ( go and see it , if you haven't your kids are not annoying you enough )
6 major Fights between E1 and E2
20 minor altercations
2 Shopping Trips intersperced with ' No you can't have that, I just bought you something' about a million times

The kids have lived through............

One cranky Mother with PMT and suffering the effects of doing Dry July, I won't go into details , I am sure you can imagine the rest.

So to all the Mums out there who have organised, arranged, looked after, cooked for, refereed the fights, and wiped away a few tears, You are all bloody awesome and give yourself a pat on the back-or a large G & T, oh and have one for me too!


  1. oooo here's to school aged children... merely 4 years away. ha!

  2. Well done..definitely worth a drink or two..or three!!! Cheers!!